Below are common questions regarding our dealer SPIF program. For more information, view the following resources:

For claim support, please contact your sales representative or submit a Support Ticket.

Q: How can I find the status of my claim?

A: All claims will be shown under the “Reports” tool on the upper toolbar in the “My Pending Submissions” report. Once

a claim is Approved or Denied it will be processed and moved from “My Pending Submissions” to the “My Submissions”

Reporting tool.

Q: How long does it take to process a claim after I submit?

A: Sales data is processed weekly on Wednesday mornings. Once your claim is processed against the accurate sales data it

will be reviewed by a Humanscale regional manager and processed. Orders invoiced/shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays will be included on the following week’s data file.

Q: How do I know my SPIF was paid?

A: When your SPIF is approved it will automatically issue the funds into your SPIF portal account. You will see these funds

noted in the grey box at the upper right of your screen under your name. You can also check the status of a specific order by

utilizing the reports button on the upper toolbar.

Note: The grey box will only display funds available in the WorkStride portal and will not include funds that have already been manually transferred to a debit or gift card. 

Q: The claim window is telling me the order has expired. What does that mean?

A: All SPIF claims must be submitted within 90 days of fully invoicing. You can submit your SPIF claims as soon as an order

number is provided (this number is the “PC00xxxxxx” on your Acknowledgement or Invoice, however, once the 90 days following fully invoicing/shipping has passed your SPIF will no longer be available.

If you experience issues with the portal before a SPIF has expired, please be sure to connect with WorkStride Customer Service to document the issue as exceptions can be made when there are external factors preventing submission.

Q: Why is my SPIF payout different from the Standard Discounting SPIF Payouts shown within the promotion?

A: SPIF payouts may vary due to discounting, project terms, etc. Please contact your local Humanscale sales representative for

a clear understanding of your SPIF eligibility per project.

Q: What is an INFOR number and where can I find this number?

A: Your INFOR number is your dealership’s Humanscale Account Number. This number can be found on any Humanscale

order acknowledgement/invoice and on any billing documents. You can also obtain this number through your finance team or by requesting it from your local Humanscale sales representative.

We use this number to guarantee that SPIFs available for your dealership's eligible sales are only released to approved employees of your specific dealership. For dealers with multiple locations/INFOR numbers you should register under the “Corporate Customer #,” which is the INFOR number for the main location of your dealership—typically the Bill-To address on orders.