Submitting a claim in Humanscale's new incentive program is easy. Simply follow the steps below! Click here to download instructions. 

For support with registration, login, or SPIF portal technical issues, please contact the WorkStride Customer Service Team at

  1. Login to using the email address and password selected at sign up. Navigate to the Humanscale SPIF promotion by clicking the "More Details" button.

  2. Once inside the promotion click on the “Submit Sale” button at the bottom of the screen which will open the Claim

    window. You will need your Acknowledgement Number (SO#) and Purchase Order (PO#) to submit a claim. These

    numbers are available on all Humanscale invoices. Do not include dashes or spaces when submitting these numbers.

    If you wish to ‘split’ a SPIF with someone within your organization you can note this while submitting your claim by

    toggling the icon at the bottom of the window to “ON” where you will be prompted to provide the other users name,

    email address (this should be the email address they have registered in the portal with) and the percentage (%) of the

    total SPIF you would like to send to their account.

  3. You will then be asked to Review and Confirm the information provided. Once submitted you will receive confirmation

    that your claim as been successfully submitted and will be reviewed and processed by the Humanscale team for payout.